Photovoltaik INSELANLAGE

- from 3000 Watt
- Solar battery 
- On Grid 


+ Stores solar or low-cost (off-peak) electricity
+ No power outages due to UPS function (uninterruptible power supply)
+ Power fluctuations are absorbed
+ Capacity of the house power system can be increased
+ Thus the total capacity can be determined by the user
+ Excess energy can be fed into the public grid
+ Less dependence on the supplier
+ More independence from fluctuating conditions and electricity prices
+ Better ability to plan amortisation
+ Amortised in max. 10 years
- More space required for batteries
- Higher acquisition costs
Each hybrid system is planned individually for you, taking all factors into account and based on the latest technical knowledge. We look forward to your contact!

Photovoltaic system Cordoba
Hybrid solar system solar energy

Example system 3kW solar modules and 5kWh storage with an electricity bill of approx. 75 Euro monthly

The solar modules convert solar energy into electrical energy. This electrical direct current is then converted in the inverter into the 230V or 400V usual in the household. Furthermore, this inverter provides the electrical power for self-consumption. The electrical energy that is produced more
than is currently being used is first used to land the batteries, and only then is it fed into the public grid.
There is remuneration for this, which varies from municipality to municipality.
The advantages of this type of system: the entire power system becomes independent of power fluctuations and outages.
The output of the electricity system can be increased considerably by the photovoltaic system.
The self-consumption quota is considerably increased, which offers better planning security if the general conditions change.
The example system is optimal for a family with an electricity bill.
of approx. 75 euros. 

Step 1
We plan with you the ideal solution for a system with solar modules and storage.

It does not matter if it is your house, your company or your hotel, we will find the best solution for you!
However, all important factors must be considered so that the solar system is a real success.
solar system a real success. With the batteries it is important to consider all factors and wishes where you have to know exactly what I want to achieve with the battery.
In the example have a consumption of approx. 15-18kW per day, south orientation of the roof. The house electrical, is a 230V system.
The system is to compensate for power cuts and to increase the capacity of the electrical installation. The system is sufficient for an average single-family house.

Solar energy solar system

Step 2
Solar system for grid feeding and own consumption approx. 3 kW solar modules 5kWh storage consisting of:

• 8 solar modules a ca. 390 W up to 25 years warranty , European company
• Solar storage 5kWh with guaranteed 5000 charging cycles
• Inverter for battery control and grid feeding (hybrid)
• Aluminium profiles for professional mounting
• Alternatively aluminium profiles for flat roof mounting
• Cables for the connection of the solar modules
• Electrical material for connecting the batteries
• Electrical material for the alternating current area
• Cables for the alternating current range and feeding into the public grid

Solar Energy Solar Hybrid System

Step 3
Installation from a solar hybrid system

When installing a solar system, many factors have to be taken into consideration so that you can enjoy the solar system for many years.
We use the highest quality materials for mounting the solar system so that you can really benefit from the system for up to 25 years and more.
We always attach great importance to professional mounting, taking into account today's technical possibilities.
The same applies of course to the inverter and everything on the
220V side.

Solar Hybrid System  Solar Energy

Step 4
Finished hybrid solar system with the readjustment

And there also the adjustment
With a readjustment you can increase the performance of the system, it should not be neglected. 
How does my system pay off:
Solar systems Kit 3kWh for self-consumption with feed-in.
8 solar modules with 25 year warranty
1 hybrid inverter with 10 years warranty
2 solar lithium batteries with guaranteed 10,000 charging cycles 
Including all materials and the complete installation
approx. 7000 Euro

Sun energy catch with solar modules create an hybrid system

Step 5
Profitability calculation

The solar system significantly increases the capacity of the electricity system in the house, no more power cuts and power fluctuations. Less dependence on the power supply company.
1800 hours of sunshine with 3 kW per hour 5400 kWh
Minimum standard electricity price per kilowatt of €0.13
Total profit per year of at least 702€.
Even if electricity prices do not increase, the solar system will be paid for in 10 years.
Even if electricity prices remain the same and the solar system lasts at least 25 years, an overall profitability of approx. 9% can be expected over the 25-year period.


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