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Our individual service around the purchase and operation of a solar power system. We offer everything from advice, planning, delivery and installation to maintenance.
We advise you on which system is best for your specific needs.
Consultation with a specialist forms the basis for a solar system (photovoltaic system) that will satisfy you.
The consultation is about finding the best solar solution for you with solar modules to convert solar energy into electrical energy. In doing so, we bring in our expertise from many years of experience. Among other things, the following factors must be taken into account.
- Your motivation is a factor
- as is the clarification of which subsidies apply to you where the Placas Solares could be installed on which surface
- who should install the system, and much more.
The target should be a solar system with which you are satisfied for many years.

Solar energy Jerez
Photovoltaic Consulting

As a specialized company, we always offer detailed advice based on our many years of experience with photovoltaic systems, including the latest technology. The consultation is the first important building block for the purchase of a solar system that will be a success.
The goal is a solar system that is tailored to the specific needs of the customer and that will be a success for many years to come.

What is best for you?

Basically, there are 3 different types of solar systems: 

Solar system for self-consumption with grid feed-in (ON GRID), where primarily the electrical energy generated by the solar modules is used directly by oneself and the surplus electrical energy at that moment is fed into the public grid. In addition, any additional electrical energy required can be drawn from the public grid.
Solar system for self-consumption with battery storage and grid feed-in (hybrid system), which essentially differs in that the battery storage is charged first.
When the sun is not shining, the electrical energy generated by the sun is first used from the battery storage unit. Furthermore, there is a UPS function and better planning. (UPS: uninterruptible power supply). For all those who suffer from power cuts.
Island system to be self-sufficient(OFF-GRID), where primarily the electrical energy generated by solar modules is consumed, the excess energy is stored in the solar batteries to be used when no sun is available.
El uso de la electricidad de la red pública no es posible.

We will find the best individual solution for you from these system types!

Photovoltaic systems planing

Planning of the complete solar system based on the latest technical possibilities.
Planning of the system for the use of the unlimited available solar energy, taking into account your individual circumstances. 

Planning with foresight!

Many factors are already taken into consideration during the consultation. There, the existing consumption is considered in detail, the building, the size, the orientation, the shading, access to areas where installation is possible, all play a role. It should also be discussed whether a little more comfort can be achieved for little money. (Heating? Heated pool? or similar are possibilities). The possibilities for funding can vary greatly depending on the location.
We also take care of the necessary applications as far as possible.
Who carries out the installation, because you should be satisfied with the system for 20-30 years and not have to fear any negative consequences? Expertise and experience are absolutely necessary here. 

Installation of your solar system

Installation of solar systems taking into account the legal and technically best possible specifications.
You have a trusted installer and you want him to install the system consisting of various components. We will be happy to advise you.
If it is possible for you to install the system yourself and you wish to do so, we will also be happy to advise you. However, please bear in mind that a certain level of specialist knowledge and expertise is essential to ensure that the system functions properly for many years.
If you would like everything from one source, we will take care of the installation with our partners and you will only receive one invoice.
We also take care of all other necessary documentation.

Maintenance of your system

In order for your system to provide you with the highest possible yield, so that your contribution to climate protection is also as high as possible, a few maintenance steps need to be taken into account.

In order to ensure that the system you have purchased remains as effective as possible for 20-30 years, a few small maintenance steps need to be taken into account.
These can be carried out by you, in which case we will be happy to advise you.
However, we are also happy to carry out this maintenance work for you. 

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