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We plan and build your individual photovoltaic system

With the royal decree of 2019 the times have changed in Spain, it is worthwhile again photovoltaic systems also for the private user in Spain. 

In our team and with our partners, the experience of 20 years in Spain and 35 years of experience with solar power are bundled. So that we can offer you a service from the first step of planning to the installation and your success, which you can see on your electricity bill. So you can be sure that your investment will be profitable in the long term. With which investment option do you have a return on your investment of at least 10% per year for more than 20 years?
Since our partners place great importance on service, individual advice is particularly important to us, which is why we are always available to answer your questions via e-mail. 

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Solar technik  Marbella Cadiz Malaga Sevilla Herez Cordoba Tarifa

Protecting the climate

Electric energy generated- climate neutral without CO² 

You want to actively do something against climate change and save a lot of money at the same time? Then you are exactly right with us!
With our partners here in Spain, we can offer you high-quality photovoltaic systems with up to 25 years guarantee for a fair price. From individual components (solar panel, inverter unit, battery and other components) to complete systems, you can get everything - thanks to our 35 years of experience with photovoltaic systems.

Investment in the future

Converting with solar modules, the sun's unlimited energy into electricity

Photovoltaics in Spain is worthwhile!
Photovoltaics are not suitable for short-term profits, but if you think long-term, photovoltaics are certainly worthwhile - and not only for the climate. Solar cells have a durability far beyond 25 years. Over a 25-year period, depending on the municipality, you can achieve at least 100% profit.

As your partner, we take care of everything. Starting with the determination of your needs, through all the formalities, to - if you wish - delivery and installation. You can leave everything in our hands so that everything runs smoothly. 

Solar Energy Cordoba
Photovoltaic systems in Jerez

Innovative technology

Customised to your demand

We plan your solar system with you, take care of all the formalities. We deliver the customised solar system. If you wish, all components will be installed by us or our partners.
Mains, hybrid and of grid islands systems we will be happy to advise you on all aspects of solar systems.
SOLTEC - die solare Lösung aus einer Hand.

At this page you can see only a small part of our offer.
Thorough planning, including all factors, is the basis for the success of a solar system.
We plan your solar system with you and take care of all the formalities.
We deliver and install the individually tailored solar system - complete service from all from on hand.

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Photovoltaik Andalusien

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